Working at NAVER / Backend Developer / Robust back-end architecture ❤️

One day in the summer at NAVER
Green Factory in 2021

On Woryeong Bridge (月映橋) at Andong in 2021

After losing 15kg in 2020

At a university friend's wedding in 2020

The day I went to IKEA with my university friends in 2020

Kuala Lumpur W Bar in 2019.

Jeju Island in 2020.

Gong-bech Cafe in Jeju Island in 2020.
(Photo by LEH)

Cafe in Andong on New Year's Day 2020.
(Photo by LEH)

Year-end party at Hongdae Airbnb in 2019.
w. University alumnni

Celebrate 30 years old in 2020.

Coffee Street, Gangneung in 2018.
(Photo by LEH)

Gyeongsangbuk-do Office in 2017.
(Photo by LEH)

Han River Nanji Park Campground in 2016.

Two children in Ganghwa Island in 2021

Camping on Gangcheon Island in 2021

Two swords in 2021

On a cruise ship on the Han River in 2021

Home party at my new home in 2020

On the beach of Ayjin, Goseong in 2020

Somewhere with high school friends in 2020

Gong-bech Cafe in Jeju Island in 2020.
(Photo by LEH)

Tân Định Cathedral in Danang, Vietnam in 2019.

Iho-Tewoo Lighthouse in Jeju Island in 2020.
(Photo by LEH)

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2019.
w. Yanolja People

Gangneung, Gangwon-do in 2018.
(Photo by LEH)

Yanolja Developer event in 2018.

IT volunteer team 'MnM' in downtown Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2013.

Ulaanbaatar Train station, Mongolia in 2013.

IT training at University of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2013.

1 week before my 30th birthday in 2021

The first fishing in my life at Sihwa Embankment with @vyujing in 2021

Somewhere in Gangnam in 2020

Someday in 2020

I am garbage in 2020

Aewol Beach in Jeju Island in 2019.

Sindorim Sheraton Seoul Lounge Bar in 2019.

My Home in 2018.

Vyujing & Riverpearl wedding with "Wasteland" in 2018.

Hongdae Purple People Pub in 2020.

University examination period in 2013.

Rock Band 'Reorganization' in 2013.

Performed at Sinchon Live Club in 2013.

Performed at Catholic University of Korea in 2011.